UglySak Bean Bag Chair - Regular (Free Personalization) - Free Shipping

$79.99 - $99.99
15.00 LBS
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Product Overview

What is an UglySak Bean Bag Chair, you ask? It's what you get when you cross an authentic "Brand X" bean bag slipcover with an UglySak (our brand) bean bag insert, that's what it is!

We take high quality shredded furniture foam that we get from George, our foam supplier. You see, he owns a foam factory and does a lot of custom foam cushions for people all over the place. He cuts them out of HUGE blocks of foam. He uses up everything he can without wasting too much. The extra pieces, he sends through a big shredder and shreds them up into pieces of foam that are perfect for bean bag inserts. Much more comfortable than the small styrofoam pellet inserts you would find elsewhere. This type of insert allows you to sink into the bean bag chair. All this, because George (PATF - Professor of All Things Foam), doesn't like to pollute the environment and likes to use up any extra bit of non biodegradable foam he can. George is a good man.

So, the UglySak foam insert is made of all brand new product and is considered a "Green" product since we're keeping foam pieces out of landfills. We guarantee it is one of the most comfortable inserts on the market today as well.

Size: regular (36" diameter with ca 7.5 cubic feet of fill) The slipcovers are machine washable.

Free Personalization - When you purchase your Ugly-Sak beanbag just put in the 'order instructions/comments' section what you would like to have embroidered on it. First name, last name, nick name it, we'll do it! Look above for the font possibilities and let us know which font and thread color you would prefer on your chair. Some of the heavy fur beanbags cannot be personalized. Please contact us in advance to make sure it can be embroidered upon.

We vacuum pack these in order to squeeze them into a regular sized shipping box to save on shipping costs. When opening the package, please be aware that it will take a few days for the foam to return to its normal size. Shipping is free within the lower 48 states.